Infrarotheizung Funktionsweise Erklärung

The functioning of infrared heaters

Infrared heaters are innovative heating systems based on direct heat transfer through infrared rays. Unlike conventional heating systems that heat the room air, infrared heaters release heat directly to people and objects. Like Infrared Heaters To provide you with maximum comfort while energy efficiency, you will learn in this article.

Radiant heat: infrared heaters work according to the principle of Radiant heat . They generate infrared rays. These move through the room like invisible rays of light. These rays are absorbed and converted to heat as soon as they hit people or objects. It creates a pleasant and comfortable warmth. It resembles the natural warmth of the sun.

Direct heat transfer: The decisive difference to conventional heating systems lies in the direct heat transfer of infrared heaters. Infrared heaters do not release the heat through the room air and its circulation, but directly to people and objects. There is no waste of energy due to heating and circulating large amounts of air.

Pleasant, uniform heat: the radiant heat of infrared heaters creates a pleasant, even sensation of heat. Unlike traditional heating systems, where warm air rises upwards and cold air sinks down, infrared heaters heat the surfaces in the room. These surfaces, in turn, give off their heat to the environment. This creates a uniform distribution of heat.

No stirring up of dust: Since there is no air circulation with infrared heating, no dust is blown up. Unlike conventional heating systems, where the air in the room is constantly in motion, there is no air circulation with infrared heaters. This is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers, since there are fewer dust particles in the air and therefore allergic reactions are reduced.

Targeted heat emission: Infrared heating systems enable targeted heat transfer to certain areas or people in the room. The direct heat transfer makes it possible to place the heater in such a way that it emits heat exactly where you want it. So the heat in the room can be adjusted individually. The heating energy is used optimally.

In summary: Infrared Heaters Function according to the principle of direct heat transfer through infrared rays. This innovative technology offers numerous advantages. These include a pleasant and uniform heat, a targeted heat release and the reduction of dust swirly. Direct heat transfer means that no energy is wasted on heating and circulating large amounts of air. This leads to an efficient use of the heating energy. If you are looking for a modern and comfortable heating solution, you should consider the benefits of infrared heaters. They not only provide maximum heat, but also make it possible to heat in an efficient and energy-saving way.

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